What Kind of Entrepreneur Personality Type Are You?

Ok, let me begin by saying… by asking what kind of entrepreneur you are… I am not trying to BOX you up into some package with a pretty red bow on top – so please don’t bite my head off on this one.

I made my first earned dollar online at the age of …like… 29.

From someone who worked in a supermarket, got married, had kids and was contemplating further study to prevent having to work minimum wage at a supermarket checkout – the idea of earning money from someone other than a BOSS hadn’t really occurred to me, I am sure the kind of entrepreneur mindset was in there (i guess), but it wasn’t something I was consciously aware of.

The last few years, therefore, have been a bit of an eye-opener, to say the least!

I have been blessed to meet, work alongside and in quite a few cases, become friends with a ragamuffin bunch of brilliant minded people who have shone a light almost blindingly bright on the future, the incredible possibilities of what really is out there.

As many of you know, a big chunk of what I enjoy doing is to get to know people – the real people – behind the public face that’s shown, (let’s face it… we all have one)… and dig more into what is really going on inside of these brilliant minds.

And there is something I have discovered… that I thought I might share with you – which might help you with your dealings with each other, build this niche in closeness, understanding more about each other and … of course… with a closer network of brilliant minds, overall… grow this Internet Marketing industry to an even bigger success than we are seeing even now.

So, what have I learned? (and… again… please don’t be offended… I am not stereotyping anyone!!)

I have discovered that all entrepreneurs are not created equal.

By equal, I do NOT mean that some are better than others – that would be ridiculous.

But, even though entrepreneurs are quite possibly the most diverse bunch of big thinkers (and doers) and when you look at one person’s business and another, the similarities might be wildly unapparent… let me assure you – there is a ‘kind’ of entrepreneur that, as much as WE don’t like to be put into a box, you might just find yourself nodding to some of these ‘stereotypes’ (lol). Maybe you will identify with one more than others… or maybe you are a mishmash of them all…

I have written this up for two reasons.

Reason 1: To help you see and understand each other better (and, well… make more money, enjoy deeper relationships and kick more ass)

Reason 2: To understand more about how YOU work best (and why you shouldn’t fight it)

So – here we go!

The ‘Out There’ Kind Of Entrepreneur

Think Dean Kamen… the inventor of the Segway Scooter and over 100 other patents. He is a serial product creator and ideas man – seeing something new in everything his mind runs past (yet almost exclusively only ever wears denim). These people inadvertently train their brains to look at things from a different/quirky angle, are often called eccentric, work late, or whenever the mood strikes, can be moody, which sometimes comes across as ‘selfish and self-centred’, which they often aren’t even aware of – so hey, you can’t really stay mad at them for long.

The ADHD/OCD/Any Other Abbreviation Entrepreneur

Basically, everyone I know who works for themselves could very easily (or has been) diagnosed with some form of ADHD, OCD or some other mental issue, but this type of entrepreneur doesn’t use it as an excuse to garner sympathy and get financial support from the government. The super successful guys I know have embraced this part of their personality and used their obsessive behaviors toward the perfection of their target goal. Often ADHD entrepreneurs will work in bursts of awesome, with downtime that can span for unknown amounts of time. If you are trying to do business with them – grab them at their peak, but know that it might not last – so pounce while you can.

The Under The Radar/Geek Type Of Entrepreneur

In the online space, this is one we see a lot of. You think in code, spend long hours in front of the computer screen writing mostly for the love of it. It’s likely that you have a pile of cutting-edge projects completed sitting there on your laptop, but hardly anyone will see them – or even know about it until you show up on the news as the creator of the new Facebook. It’s common for these guys to feel socially awkward at least until they get to know you better, but take the time to get to know them (at a pace they are comfortable with), because the gems they have to share are well worth your time!

The ‘Systems’ Entrepreneur

You get things done. In fact, you probably have a copy of Getting Things Done that you refer to on a regular basis. You soak up all kinds of productivity tools and are a high achiever, even if you don’t feel like you ever accomplish anything. To avoid a tax audit and ending up in prison, most of us need to have something of this in us – but for some, it comes more natural than others.

The F*ck This Sh*t Kind of Entrepreneur

You are a bit of a rebel, sleep in, work when you want and sometimes even brand your business around it. Working from home suits you, and works in well with your ‘pants of Tuesdays’ philosophy. Hates scheduled meetings, especially if they need to be regular (omg) and getting them to pin down a meeting time is like pulling teeth. It’s not that they don’t work, they just like to work in their own time, under their own rules – the rebels of the Internet.

So there we have it… how did you fair? Have you got a ‘type’? Did I miss a kind of entrepreneur that fits your better? Or am I way off? Feel free to share what you think in the comments below.

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