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I am guessing that if you are creating/designing websites (or outsourcing creation even), you will know that graphics can get pretty pricey if you are not careful.

Over the last 12-18 months, the price of images on iStockPhoto have gone through the roof! It is not unheard of now, to pay over $50 for a single image. I have to say, that yes – a lot of what iStock have over there is amazing quality and I still go over there for resources from time to time, but I have started to see a bunch of new websites that are a lot cheaper – and in many cases even free.

No – I am NOT talking about going to Google Images.

Well, not just grabbing them from the main search. If you want to use Google Images, there is a great way to do that and not land yourself with a huge copyright infringement case. Use this link and make sure that where it says ‘usage rights’ you use the ‘free to use and share, even commercially’ option.

I am sure you will know, that with graphics, same as content – you have to have permission to use certain graphics in certain places, so to use images on your website, you need to either pay for permission or find someplace that offers commercial stock images for nothing. I am going to put together my favourite list of them here – please use it at your own discretion, this is my stash of resources, but just check with the website rules etc that it is still OK for you to use the images in your web materials… occasionally a website will provide free tools for commercial use, a great resource – and then change the rules – which I might not see (and haven’t updated here) so have a quick look when you are downloading the images.

So here are the image resources below, I hope you find them useful!

Free Stock Photos:
I couldn’t love this site anymore than I do. The images are great quality, excellent variety, and high file size/quality downloads. Just watch out for the Shutterstock sponsored images in there. Shutterstock is a paid site – so don’t go falling in love with images there unless you are prepared to pay for them.

Public Domain Photos:
Sharp pictures, excellent selection

Public Domain Photos (Clip Art):
Officially the same site as the last one I mentioned, but just clipart stuff. Handy if you need clipart and not so much of the real photos

Free Images Collection:
Excellent collection (almost 1k images at the time of writing this) – a lot of close up images, so great if you need a specific item in your design.

4 Free Photos:
Great collection of natural images/wildlife/fauna/flora etc. Tons of Adsense on there, watch where you click… haha.

United States Antarctic Program:
US Antarctic photo library where usage of these images is encouraged, science, wildlife, boats, people, environmental images are all there and more. They love it (like many of these places) if you give them credit somewhere on your site, but it isn’t mandatory.

Alegri Photos:
They have a collection of photos, as well as cartoon/drawn/vector style images too.

Open Clip Art:
A handy collection of clipart images, good if you need logo components. Large group, many different topics. Worth checking out just in case they have something you need, but you have to dig through quite a bit of ‘rubbish’ to find good quality.

Yes – the domain has a typo. I am guessing they just couldn’t get the right domain… lol – anyway – there is a ton of really quirky, fun, arty pictures here. Great if you need some abstract images, or backgrounds etc.

Yes, I could go on for a long time putting more in here, if you have some favourite ones that you, or your graphics team use – let me know! I am happy to keep growing this and make it a useful resource for you too.

Oh, one site that I didn’t mention – ’cause I was just talking about free images, is Graphic River. These aren’t free, but there are so many excellent designs that you can buy with fully layered PSD (Photoshop) files – that I just wanted to make a mention of it here too.

I hope you find this collection useful and if you have any requests for other resource collections to be put together, suggest it in the comments.

Earl says he uses which is a paid site, but ever growing and really cost effective. Superb for presentations as the graphics as PNG files and are already transparent.

Something else you may be interested in is the PicZN site owned by Ed Mercer – you can also promote it as an affiliate (details on the page) – where you pay a set fee and get access to all of the images in the site.

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